Applied Structured Finance LLC (“ASF”) is a boutique investment bank specializing principally in two areas: 
  • ASF advises manufacturers in creating or restructuring strategic U.S. and international vendor financing programs ("Strategic Partnerships").
  • ASF advises corporations in “big-ticket” asset-based financings, leasing and other forms of complex financings. 

Formed by the heads of the Client Solutions Group of a global investment bank, we have served as exclusive financial advisor to publicly traded companies which demand both breadth and depth of specialized knowledge and a successful track record.

Strategic Partnerships - Selected Transactions for Large Manufacturers


Manufacturers know that competitive financing drives sales - whether they sell industrial or heavy equipment, aircraft, health care systems, automobiles or recreational products.  That's why Toyota owns Toyota Financial Services.

But what does a manufacturer do if it cannot use its own balance sheet to support the financing of its customers?  Typically, it relies on third-parties and forgoes the synergies developed by owning a captive finance organization.

In response to this need, we have
advised each of these corporations in the formation of a strategic partnership with a financial institution which acts as a captive to finance the manufacturer's customers - from the independent dealer through the end user.

The "virtual" captive finance organization provides both manufacturer and financial institution with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, improved access to high quality financings and a sharing of finance profits.  We have advised on all aspects of these projects including: company strategy, alternative structures (private label, virtual JV, legal JV, etc.), system design, negotiation with financial institutions, and legal documentation for commercial and retail financing programs.

We've negotiated transactions with premier financial institutions such as GE Capital, Bank of America, Barclays, Société Générale, De Lage Landen, Citicapital, Bank of the West, HSBC, Textron Financial, CIT Group, Wells Fargo and others.

Our track record and specialized knowlege gives us access to quality financial institutions to assist our clients in driving their growth.

For further information or inquiries, please contact:

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